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*growls* Where am I??? Heh, I kid. I know I haven't been able to make many practices this semester. ^_^
you're at the bottom next to melissa!!!
Oooo, sorry about that... didn't look over far enough... ^^;;
BTW, I have redish/brown hair.
sorry. =( i guess i remembered it as blond. forgive me?
No problem! ^_^ It's not your fault I haven't been there very much this semester.
I love this post!
Words fail me to describe just how much I love this post. Now I want it as a poster for my wall. :)

(Note to self: Make a Quiz Bowl icon. Until then, Dorothy L. Sayers is sufficiently nerdy to use.)
I'm going to have to echo Sally on this one. (Although I actually saw it first, but the first thing I did upon seeing it was call Sally over and then my pizza came and Sally laid claim to to the computer while I was eating. And wasn't that the best run-on sentence you've ever seen?)

I love this post so very much. You rock my socks.
*giggle* this is great!!

Madam President


December 11 2004, 01:05:54 UTC 13 years ago

I like how Tara's looking at my boobs.
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen - it's fantastic Jessica!